What makes me Unique

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I have learned a lot over the last 16 years as a business owner, designer and project manager. I wear a lot of hats and pride myself in a very hands on approach on all of my projects. My belief is that the key to a successful design and remodeling project starts with listening to my client. What is their life style? What are their "must haves" and their personal aesthetic? How can I create the best looking space possible and still have it be functional for my client and their family? By spending time with my clients I am able to ask a lot of questions, get to know them a bit better to not only understand their needs and wants from a design perspective but also how to best manage the project itself. Some clients are more particular and shall we say, controlling - whereas others are more laid back and prefer that I take the reins to guide them. Being respectful of the personality of the client typically puts them at ease and from there, things tend to run more smoothly. Communication and transparency is also a factor on gaining a client's trust and confidence in hiring me to design and manage their projects.

I offer a wide range of services from design consulting, space planning, custom window treatments, kitchen and bath design and remodeling, all the way to full home remodeling. I have an excellent team that help turn ideas and design concepts into my client's dream home. I have cultivated great relationships with local tradesmen and tradeswomen over the years and I bring their many years of experience, knowledge and skills to my projects. Together we turn ideas and concepts into my client's dream.